Critical Data Activities

Empowering Big Data in Critical Care

Transforming Critical Care

In many areas of science, government and business, analyzing very large amounts of information- Big Data- has become a major driver of innovation and success. In critical care, EHRs and collaborative approaches mean we are facing our own Data Revolution.

Meaningful Use of Big Data

Large amounts of data originating from critical care needs to be de-identified, analyzed and curated for it to be mined effectively. Clinicians and Data scientists must work together to understand and explore the meaningful, secondary use of Critical Care data.

Transforming Healthcare

Our vision is for the development of a care system consisting of Clinical Informatics without walls, in which the creation of evidence and clinical decision support tools in initiated, updated, honed and enhanced by scaling the access and meaningful use of Clinical Data.



Critical data is a loose affiliation of research labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who are engaged in research in and around “Critical Data”, more specifically data that has a critical impact on human health.

Affiliated Research Groups

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