How to Enable Medical Students and Physicians to Work with and Alongside AI Tools - A Podcast

May 18, 2021

How to Enable Medical Students and Physicians to Work With and Alongside AI Tools - A Podcast


At the Charit√© Universit√§tsmedizin Berlin (Germany), Professor Felix Balzer’s team at the Institute of Medical Informatics and Dr. David Alexander Back of the Dieter Scheffner Center for Medical Education and Educational Research, are working on a study on educational programs regarding Artificial Intelligence in medicine. The project is a collaboration with “KI-Campus”, an online platform for AI-education, funded by the German federal ministry for education and research.

The aim of the study is to perform an inventory of AI learning offers in medical education, thereby identifying gaps in current programs and implementation barriers in education and training. The researchers further work to compile AI core competencies for doctors and formulate recommendations for their implementation.

In this context, the team conducted guided interviews with numerous experts from various disciplines and with different backgrounds in AI research, medical education, health tech business and professional organisations.

In this podcast, Lina Mosch, MD and research associate in Felix Balzer’s lab at Charit√©, interviews Dr. Leo Celi, practising intensivist, clinical research director and principal research scientist at the MIT Laboratory of Computational Physiology, and Associate Professor of Medicine, at Harvard Medical School.

Lina asked Dr. Celi about the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing artificial intelligence in clinical practice and teaching, and how to overcome the barriers. Among other things, Dr. Celi explains how artificial intelligence can enable individualized and interdisciplinary medicine, what medical students should really learn about it, and the importance of uncertainty in the age of modern medicine.

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