MIT Critical data is an affiliation of research labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who are engaged in research in and around “Critical Data”, more specifically data that has a critical impact on human health.

Research Groups

Laboratory for Computational Physiology

Institute for Medical Engineering & Science, MIT.

The Laboratory for Computational Physiology (LCP), under the direction of Professor Roger Mark, conducts research on improving health care through new and refined approaches to interpreting data. Some of the group’s researchers have medical backgrounds; others have backgrounds in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, or mathematics; and others have training that spans several of these disciplines. Current projects include:

Computational Physiology and Clinical Inference Group

Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT.

The Computational Physiology and Clinical Inference Group develops and applies computational models of human physiology for clinical monitoring and inference. Our current research focuses on cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, respiratory and neurological applications.

Clinical Decision Making Group

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT.

The Clinical Decision Making Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science is a research group dedicated to exploring and furthering the application of technology and artificial intelligence to clinical situations. Because of the vital and crucial nature of medical practice, and the need for accurate and timely information to support clinical decisions, the group is also focused on the gathering, availability, security and use of medical information throughout the human “life cycle” and beyond.

Anyscale Learning for All

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT.

Scalable evolutionary algorithms, machine learning and frameworks for knowledge mining, prediction, analytics and optimization. Current projects include: