9 – 11amHacking
(Judges will be going around and talk to the teams.)1st Floor, Stata Center

Friday, 5th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
6 – 6:15pm Welcome and Opening Remarks
Leo Anthony Celi
Room 123, Stata Center
6:15 – 7pm Idea Statements and Problem Pitches
Emcees: Mohammad Ghassemi and Ned McCague
(open to all attendees)
Room 123, Stata Center
7 – 10pm Team formation
Initial idea discussion

(Pizza and refreshments will be served)
Room 123, Stata Center
8 – 9pm Getting Started with MIMIC-II and HANA
Computer environment configuration
Room 123, Stata Center

Saturday, 6th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
7:30-8am Coffee and Muffins 1st Floor, Stata Center
8-8:30am “Decision-analytic Modeling for Clinical and Economic Projections”
Benjamin Geisler
1st Floor, Stata Center
8:30-12pm Hacking 1st Floor, Stata Center
12 – 1pm Lunch 1st Floor, Stata Center
1 – 5pm Hacking 1st Floor, Stata Center
5 – 6pm (Optional) Kickboxing Level 1.5
Please bring gloves and wraps.
1st Floor, Stata Center
5 – 7pm Open Office Hours
(MIMIC experts and clinical researchers)
1st Floor, Stata Center

Sunday, 7th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
9am Final Project Registration Deadline
11 – 1:30pm Final Presentations 6th Floor, MIT Media Lab
2 – 5:30pm Computing in Cardiology’s Sunday Symposium
Data-driven learning, Discovery and Innovation
6th Floor, MIT Media Lab
To register for the London event, please visit:

Saturday 6th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
9:30–10:00 Registration, coffee / tea IDEA London
10:00–10:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Steve Harris
University College Hospital, London
IDEA London
10:15–10:45 Title – TBD
Paul Aylin
Imperial College, London
IDEA London
10:45-11:15 ICU Mortality prediction scores based on ensemble machine learning
Romain Pirracchio
Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Paris
IDEA London
11:15–11:45 Semantic Imaging – Learning to Understand Medical Images
Ben Glocker
Imperial College, London
IDEA London
11:45-12:15 MIMIC-II: Concept, Purpose and Design
Mauro Villarroel
University of Oxford
IDEA London
12:15–12:45 Lunch break IDEA London
12:45–13:00 Idea Statements and Problem Pitches IDEA London
13:00–14:00 Getting started with MIMIC-II and HANA IDEA London
14:00–19:00 Hacking IDEA London
19:00–21:00 Social meeting TBD

Sunday 7th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
10:00-10:30 Presentations IDEA London
10:30–12:00 Hacking IDEA London
12:00–13:00 Lunch break IDEA London
13:00–16:00 Hacking IDEA London
16:00–17:00 Video Presentation Preparation IDEA London
17:00–18:00 Final Presentations and Submission IDEA London

Saturday 6th September 2014

Location: Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics (SBIM)
Blue Area, Lallier Building, Gate 4, 3rd floor
Saint Louis Hospital
1 av Claude Vellefaux
75010 Paris

Tel: +33 1 42499742

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
9:00–09:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks SBIM
09:30–10:15 MIMIC Database and available tools SBIM
10:15–10:30 Harmonization of research subjects SBIM
10:30–12:30 1st session SBIM
12:30–13:30 Lunch SBIM
13:30–18:00 2nd session SBIM

Sunday 7th September 2014

Time Topic / Speaker Venue
09:00–12:30 3rd session SBIM
12:30–13:30 Lunch break SBIM
13:30–16:00 4th Session SBIM
16:00–17:00 Review and presentation SBIM