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FutureSOC : In Memory Medical Record Analytics

MIMIC has been featured as the “Project of the Month” by the FutureSOC labs. The FutureSoc from HPI Germany is one of our collaborators. They have helped us in hosting MIMIC-II clinical and waveform data on their 1000 core 10TB cluster.

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MedTech Boston: MIMIC-II hackathon

Today was the first full day of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Critical Data Marathon–a weekend hackathon designed to highlight the incredible resource of the MIMIC-II database…

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MedTech Boston: And the winner is…

All weekend teams of engineers, statisticians, and medical professionals collaborated over large pizzas and big data, and Sunday evening the judges of MIT’s Critical Data Marathon announced the hackathon’s winners. In this 2-day long event, the participants were given an extremely rich data set: almost 10 years of data from the Intensive Care Unit at Beth Israel Hospital, a database called “MIMIC II.” With a database like this, the teams attempted to find patterns that will ultimately help physicians make important decisions in fast-paced medical environments like the ICU…